There are two major approaches for modern metalworking:

  1. By using various tooling and heating or pressing facilities to force the form/shape of material to change, bend, extend, forge, or cast, to have identical product as tooling.
  2. Utilizing different cutting tools through sawing, drilling, filing, lathing, planing, milling, or grinding, to remove excessive materials to make product.

The process of applying cutting tools to remove excessive materials is called machining. It receives higher quality of geometrical form, dimension accuracy, and finished surface, and also the most used working process in machinery manufacturing.

Janfa’s machining shop equips a flexible machining system, 34 vertical & horizontal CNC lathes, and 11 machining centers which can offer machining on different metals such as cast iron, stainless steel, and carbon steel with products covering water pump, gear box, brake drum, bearing cap, etc. Various workholding, fixture, gauge are designed and manufactured in-house. Production process is based on control plan to establish inspect pattern, autonomous inspecting frequency, error-proof measures to avoid production damages and defectives.

Measuring facilities

Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) from ZEISS & WENZEL are used to reach the accuracy requirement of each product. In addition, Mitutoyo profiler, Mahr surface roughness tester, Baker air gauge, micrometers, bore gauges,… etc., are also applied to enhance the quality of machining accuracy.